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The members are both individuals with an interest in catalytic research and companies active in the area.

Berzelius Prize

The Berzelius Price and Lecture 2018 was awarded to Professor Riikka Puurunen, Aalto University, Finland.

The prize consists of a gold medal and a money grant (SEK 10,000) from the Swedish Catalysis Society.

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Are you a private individual or represent a company interested in catalysis research?

Then you are warmly welcomed to us as a member of the Swedish Catalytic Society.

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About the Swedish Catalysis Society

Short facts:

  • The Swedish Catalysis Society was established in 1989
  • The main task is to arrange yearly catalyst symposia in Sweden
  • Two grants of SEK 7. 5000 are given to students each year
  • The society is represented in the Nordic Catalysis Society and in the European Catalysis Society

Become a member
Membership in the Swedish Catalysis Society is gained by paying the membership fee. The fee is for private persons 200 SEK, for students and retired 100 SEK and for companies 3000 SEK. The fee for sponsring is 6000 SEK. Companies will get a link to their web site. Payment is made through bankgiro 681-8249.

Board 2019-2020

Christian Hulteberg
Chairman/ Delegate for the Nordic Catalysis Society and EFCATS
Biofuel-Solution, Malmö AB

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Ingemar Odenbrand
Prof. Emeritus | Cashier
LTH, Lund

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Sven Järås
Prof. Emeritus |  Member
KTH, Stockholm

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Magali Boutonnet
Associate professor | Member
KTH, Stockholm

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Hanna Härelind
Professor | Member

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Resurseffektiv teknik för hållbar utveckling

Internationellt samarbete med akademiska forskargrupper och företag

Catalysis and surface oxidation

Dr Johan Gustafson and Prof Edvin Lundgren

Semiconductor nanostructure analysis

Dr. Rainer Timm , Dr. Jesper Wallentin and Professor Anders Mikkelsen

Ambient pressure x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Dr Jan Knudsen and Professor Joachim Schnadt

Atomic, molecular and cluster dynamics

Dr Mathieu Gisselbrecht and Professor Stacey Sörensen

Magnetism and superconductivity

Dr Rasmus Westerström and Professor Elizabeth Blackburn

Inventory of R&D groups working in Catalysis in Sweden:

Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Center
P.O. Box 124
S-221 00 Lund

Contact person:
Prof em. Ingemar Odenbrand
telephone 46 – 46 2228284
telefax 46 – 46 149156

2 professors
1 professor ( retired )
1 ass. professor
1 research assistant
4 Ph D students
1 technician

Research topics:
Oxidation and ammoxidation of alkanes
Selective catalytic reduction of NOx
Reduction of NOx from diesel engines
Models of catalysis as a resonance effect
Optimized engine and exhaust treatment system for heavy duty vehicles

Techniques and Instrumentation:
XRD, FTIR, FT-Raman, BET, Chemisorption, TPD/TPR, TGA, TAP-2, AA, SEM, electrochemical instrumentation, polarimeter

Synchrotron Radiation Research

Department of Physics
Professorsgatan 1

Contact person:
Prof. Edvin Lundgren
telephone +46462224154

2 Professors: Edvin lundgren, Joachim Schnadt
2 Senior lecturers: Jan Knudsen, Johan Gustafson
2 postdocs
8  Ph D students

Research topics:
-Surface structure
-Surface chemistry
-In situ synchrotron based x-ray techniques
-CO oxidation
-Water-gas shift reaction
-Ammonia oxidation
-Methan activation
-CO2 activation

Techniques and Instrumentation:
-Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
-Low Energy Electron Diffraction
-Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence
-Surface X-Ray Diffraction
-Surface Optical Reflectance
-Reflection Absorption Infra-Red Spectroscopy
-Ambient X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

The National Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy (nCHREM)

Center for Analysis and Synthesis
P.O. Box 124
S – 221 00 Lund

Contact person:
Dr Reine Wallenberg
telephone 46 – 46 2228233
telefax 46 – 46 2224012

2 professors
1 research associate
1 Ph D student

Research topics:
Green Catalysis
Oxide catalysts
High resolution electron microscopy
Metal/Bimetallic clusters
Electron energy loss spectroscopy / imaging
Crystal structure – surface science

Techniques and Instrumentation:
Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope for in-situ studies
Analytical electron microscope
Scanning electron microscope
High resolution transmission electron microscope

Become a member

Membership in the Swedish Catalysis Society is gained by paying the membership fee. The fee is for:

  • Private persons 200 SEK, for students and retired 100 SEK
  • Companies 3000 SEK
  • The fee for sponsring is 6000 SEK

Companies will get a link to their web site.

Payment is made through:

Bankgiro:  681-8249

Postgiro: 498 73 67-2

Supporting industries and Co-workers:

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