Magnetism and superconductivity

The interactions of electrons in materials are a rich and complex source of physical problems, in part due to the issues brought about by dealing with the large number of electronic many-body interactions, both with other electrons and with the parent ions.  These interactions give rise to fundamentally quantum mechanical states such as superconductivity and magnetism.  New quantum states of matter are being uncovered on a regular basis.

We focus on using scattering techniques to look at the structure and dynamics associated with these strong electron corrrelations, particularly neutron and X-ray methods.  To this end, we use a wide range of neutron facilities and synchrotron radiation facilities in Europe and around the world, soon to include the European Spallation Source at Lund.  We also work on sample growth and characterizations using our lab facilities here.

Project leaders: Dr Rasmus Westerström and Professor Elizabeth Blackburn

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