Selected publications

Engineering the Catalytic Properties of HZSM5 by Cobalt Modification and Post-synthetic Hierarchical Porosity Development. E. Kantarelis, R. Javed, S. Stefanidis, A. Psarras, E. Iliopoulou, A. Lappas. Topics Catal. 62 (2019) 773-785.

Probing the Effect of Surface Strain on CO Binding to Pd Thin Films. D.J. Harding, M.D. Bongers, S. Wagner, H. Hahn, J. Neugebohren, T. N. Kitsopoulos, A.M. Wodtke, A. Pundt, J Phys Chem C 123 (2019) 12255-12260.
Chemical aging of Cu-SSZ-13 SCR catalysts for heavy-duty vehicles – Influence of sulfur dioxide. S. Dahlin, C. Lantto, J. Englund, B. Westerberg, F. Regali, M. Skoglundh, L.J. Pettersson, Catal. Today 320 (2019) 72-83.

Catalytic Aftertreatment Systems for Trucks Fueled by Biofuels – Aspects on the Impact of Fuel Quality on Catalyst Deactivation. J. Granestrand, S. Dahlin, O. Immele, L. Schmalhorst, C. Lantto, M. Nilsson, R. Suárez París, F. Regali and L.J. Pettersson, RSC Catalysis 30 (2018) 64-145.

Velocity-resolved kinetics of site-specific carbon monoxide oxidation on platinum surfaces. J. Neugebohren, D. Borodin, H.W. Hahn, J. Altschäffel, A. Kandratsenka, D.J. Auerbach, C.T. Campbell, D. Schwarzer, D.J. Harding, A.M. Wodtke,  T.N. Kitsopoulos, Nature 558 (2018) 280-283.

Naphthalene on Ni(111): Experimental and Theoretical Insights into Adsorption, Dehydrogenation, and Carbon Passivation. M.G. Yazdi, P.H. Moud, K. Marks, W. Piskorz, H. Öström, T. Hansson, A. Kotarba, K. Engvall, M. Göthelid, J Phys Chem C 121 (2017) 22199-22207.

Equilibrium potassium coverage and its effect on a Ni tar reforming catalyst in alkali- and sulfur-laden biomass gasification gases. P.H. Moud, K.J. Andersson, R. Lanza, K. Engvall, Appl. Catal. B: Environmental 190 (2016) 137-146.

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